Bob Dylan

Lately I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan, my lyrical hero and great uncle. My parents named me after Ol’ Uncle Dylan actually. Not actually.

But anyways…I’ve been blown away listening to Bob Dylan. I wonder, How can a man pack so much thought into a single song?

In the song “Hurricane,” for example, Dylan talks about a real court case full of racial injustices. The wrongful imprisonment of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter revealed the problems with bad juries, bad judges, bad cops, and bad witnesses. In the song “Shelter From the Storm,” Dylan writes ten stanzas full of metaphors to get across the single idea of receiving comfort in times of distress. “Times They Are A Changin,” “Tangled Up in Blue,” and “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” will certainly make you think, as will “”All Along the Watchtower,” “You Gotta Serve Somebody,” and “Like A Rolling Stone.” 

In my opinion, the more you listen to Dylan, the more he grows on you. It’s not that he’s a great singer or even a great musician. His talent is with words. I’m praying for that kind of talent. It’s not here yet, but it’s on its way. It’s a “Slow Train Coming” if you know what I mean.

PS: If you’re interested, a brief biography on Rubin “Hurricane” Carter can be found here: .

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2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan

  1. Dylan is the best. So good. Have you listened to the Desire and Street Legal albums? Those are 2 of my favorites. Also, do you know of/like Van Morrison? If you like Dylan you’d really like him, I think.

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