The Man, The Myth, The Legend (1)

A few weeks ago, I met with a man for dinner. He’s an adopted child, ex-crack addict, multi-millionaire.

Odd combo, eh?

That’s exactly why I met with him. Not because he’s an oddball, but because I can learn a lot from him. So a few weeks ago, we discussed current events, cross-country expeditions, and past experiences. Tonight, we met again and discussed the Bible, architecture, land development, The Sanctuary, and future plans.

As we conversed, he drove me in a golf cart around his wooded property. We took some trails, sat at a picnic table, watched a deer, explored his garage, and chatted in his kitchen. There was a beautiful flow to the afternoon/evening, and I know I left encouraged. Encouraged to be a better husband, a harder worker, and a more faithful user of my talents. This man has used his talents well and he has reaped bountifully, not only physically but also spiritually. I pray I do the same.

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