Only in Portland

Today, I was missing Portland. So here is a tribute to the great city (courtesy of my wife):

Only in Portland…

  1. is it okay to wear navy blue and black together.
  2. is it normal to wear multiple shades of black.
  3. is it trendy to wear socks with sandals.
  4. is beer treated like water.
  5. can you be charged $500 for stealing recycleables.
  6. can a six-foot tall white man jog barefoot in the hood, wearing booty shorts, and it’s not weird.
  7. can my pastor say, “piss” from the pulpit.
  8. can my pastor say, “hell” from the pulpit, using it as slang.
  9. can people sell Mary Jane in stores (for medical reasons). 😉
  10. can I go to the doctors’ office and be the only one who speaks English as my first language.
  11. will four year olds ask what the “big yellow thing” is in the sky.
  12. will pooches go grocery shopping (because they like it). 😉
  13. do three coffee shops share the same parking lot.
  14. do people actually try to be weirder.
  15. does it rain 300 days a year, yet Portlanders agree “Umbrellas are for sissys.”

Thank you Portland for a plethora of good memories! I hope to see you again!

Keep Portland weird.

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