How to Be a Better Husband

Today, I want us to focus on an idea that comes up multiple times in the Bible: The idea of God being the husband/bridegroom and us being the bride.  I’ll admit it’s quite tough for me to try to imagine being a woman / wife. But it’s not difficult for me to imagine God beingContinue reading “How to Be a Better Husband”

What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?

I’ve been contemplating this question for quite awhile. It was probably about 10-15 years ago when my first mentor fell. Let me quickly set the stage and then we’ll dive in: First, we’ll look at where I’m coming from Second, we’ll look at why that matters Third, we’ll look at my past heroes that haveContinue reading “What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?”

1 Corinthians 11

You wouldn’t think such a simple subject could be so complex and controversial. But leave it to us to make things complicated. What’s the topic? Communion. The Lord’s Supper. The Love Feast / Agape Meal. Depending on where you’ve been to church and what denominations or branches of Christianity you’ve been a part of, you’veContinue reading “1 Corinthians 11”