Haggai (2)

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In the previous post, I wrote about a single line in chapter 1 of Haggai.

Today, I want to talk about the book as a whole. Believe it or not, I wrote about this book almost nine years ago. But today is a new day.

The ancient Jewish tradition has a phrase about turning the gem. They mean that you can interpret Scriptures from different perspectives.

Nine years ago, I interpreted it very literally.

Today, I want to interpret it figuratively.

Obviously, there is a literal interpretation. These events really happened and the people really did rebuild the temple based on Haggai’s proclamations and exhortations.

But figuratively and thematically, this book is all reflection and restoration. We need someone like Haggai to tell us to pause, reflect, and examine our lives.

We need to see if we’re tending to the most important things, namely our relationship with God, with faith and trust. How much do you trust God vs. trusting your wallet? Are you living in faith or are you only living by your five senses? Do you put a lot of stuff before God?

I’m asking myself those questions, just as much as I’m asking you.

These questions help us see if we’re living for God and serving others, or if we’re just living for ourselves.

This is the application aspect of Haggai.

First, examine your lives.

Second, make the necessary changes.

Third, get to work.

In all of it, honor God.

Ironically, I’ve written a book on each of those things. I hope you enjoy them.

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