Zephaniah (part 2)

Two main things in chapter two. Zephaniah brings a lot more judgment in chapter two. Or maybe I should say God brings a lot more judgment. First, against the Philistine cities. Then, against Moab and Ammon. Then, against Ethiopia. Finally, against Nineveh and Assyria. Geographically speaking, this covers judgment to the west, east, south, andContinue reading “Zephaniah (part 2)”


There are only a handful of one chapter books in the Bible. Obadiah is one of them. When the book is so short, it’s tough to find much to write about. So, I’ll provide a summary and thoughts on one specific idea. In a nutshell, Obadiah’s prophecy is about curses and blessings. Curses on EdomContinue reading “Obadiah”