Zephaniah (part 2)

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Two main things in chapter two. Zephaniah brings a lot more judgment in chapter two. Or maybe I should say God brings a lot more judgment.

First, against the Philistine cities. Then, against Moab and Ammon. Then, against Ethiopia. Finally, against Nineveh and Assyria.

Geographically speaking, this covers judgment to the west, east, south, and north of Judah. So, essentially, God is going to take care of Judah on every side. They won’t have to worry about any of their enemies.

The other thing Zephaniah says in chapter two is actually a bit of encouragement or exhortation. He says, “Seek God’s right ways. Seek a quiet and disciplined life.”

Now, that’s a good word.

Seek is such a strong action verb. And check out these synonyms from thesaurus.com:

synonyms for seek

  • explore.
  • follow.
  • investigate.
  • pursue.
  • chase.
  • comb.
  • delve.

Chase God’s right ways. Investigate them, pursue them, comb through them.

Explore a quiet and disciplined life. Follow it. Delve into it.

Good stuff!

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