Ephesians 4b

At the end of chapter 4, there’s something important that I just can’t pass by. As he’s writing to the Ephesians, Paul says the old way has to go. What is the old way? Well, it’s a myriad of things. I’ll list the things Paul mentions here, then I’ll explain a bit of my “oldContinue reading “Ephesians 4b”

Ephesians 2

Paul is such an interesting writer. Sometimes, he has run-on sentences with no end in sight. Other times, he says something so punchy, so concise, you’re floored. In Ephesians 1, he has one of those run-on sentences. In Ephesians 2, he tightens things up a bit. He has two proclamations worth noting here. First, heContinue reading “Ephesians 2”

Ephesians 1

Ever wonder why we’re here? Being philosophically minded, I often wonder. And it’s not because my head is often in the clouds that I ask this question. Sometimes, it’s because my feet are so firmly on the earth, planted, but sinking. Sinking in the muck and mud. I mean, when you’re walking in the yardContinue reading “Ephesians 1”