Ephesians 4b

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At the end of chapter 4, there’s something important that I just can’t pass by.

As he’s writing to the Ephesians, Paul says the old way has to go.

What is the old way?

Well, it’s a myriad of things. I’ll list the things Paul mentions here, then I’ll explain a bit of my “old way.” Here’s the list from Paul:

  1. Sexual obsession
  2. Lies
  3. Pretense
  4. Revenge
  5. Stealing
  6. Foul and dirty talk
  7. Grieving God

Now, I’ve been guilty of a few of these things myself. Maybe you have too. And I was guilty of other things listed in other passages of Scripture. Maybe you were too. Thankfully, God saved me from those almost 18 years ago. And I totally believe He can do the same for you, or maybe He already has.

It’s a relief to not be caught up in those sins anymore, to have freedom to act differently. I can’t say I’m without sin altogether. Of course, all of us fall short sometimes. But man, there’s been a massive shift. And I have felt it in my bones. This new life is such a better way to live! It’s a tremendous blessing. I’m oh so grateful!

May you experience being changed from the inside out as well.

See you in chapter 5.

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