Work & The Mind

This week is a big week at work. Four days worth of meetings. Middle-aged men from around the world discussing big problems. Men who make big decisions and big money. The purpose of the meetings: to reduce flash in tires. Funny, eh? I thought so too. But then you consider that every vehicle around theContinue reading “Work & The Mind”

3 Weeks

It’s been almost three weeks since my last post here. In the meantime, we’ve added a new member to our family, Myla Amore, our second daughter. You can see her and her sister Sevaeh Vashti below. If you remember my last post, I talked about kicking bad habits and starting new ones. I was doingContinue reading “3 Weeks”

Ham’s Grove

With a name like Ham’s Grove, it’s gotta be good! Pigs and trees, we’ve got that! There’s all kinds of catchy slogans you can devise for this place. What is this place? Not a deli, not a woods, but a church. Particularly, it is the church I am now a part of. The reason I want to tellContinue reading “Ham’s Grove”

The Vanity of Bigger Accomplishments

What I pointed out in the last post, I believe, is quite obvious. The plaques, the pieces of paper, the trophies, none of these are meaningful in and of themselves. But I think we’re deceived if we don’t recognize that we’re still playing for rewards. As we grow older, our plaques become bigger. The woodContinue reading “The Vanity of Bigger Accomplishments”