Work & The Mind

This week is a big week at work. Four days worth of meetings. Middle-aged men from around the world discussing big problems. Men who make big decisions and big money.

The purpose of the meetings: to reduce flash in tires.

Funny, eh? I thought so too. But then you consider that every vehicle around the world has four tires, and all four tires need to be in good, working condition, otherwise someone is going to be stranded or hurt in a crash.

Oddly, I have to sit in these meetings. I’m not a middle-aged man, and I’m not making big decisions or big money. As for the meetings though, parts of it are enjoyable; parts of it are not. What I enjoy most is when the day ends, and I can resume life in my mind. What I mean is that my mind is working while I’m in the meetings–working on understanding thick accents, working on finding solutions to problems, working on figuring out why it takes so many men so long to get down to the root of the problem–allocation of money.

But when I leave work for the day, I have the opportunity to turn my mind to more important things–things like the Bible, writing, reading, and relationships with family and with friends.

These things are the things that matter. Really matter.

Of course, work matters too. Whether I give it my all or not is very important, both to God and to man. But these other things are what make me tick. They keep me going, keep my soul and spirit alive. Flash in tires? Not so much.

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