The word walk can invoke all sorts of images and emotions.

Maybe you take a long, leisurely walk on a lovely, fall day (like my family did today). Maybe you fight the biting, arctic chills to walk into the stores and do some shopping for the holidays. Maybe you rejoice at watching your baby walk for the first time ever (as I did just a few months ago). Maybe you briskly walk on the treadmill to get into shape. Or, maybe, you just walk, with no real emotion or goal in mind.

Sadly, I think many people walk with no goal in mind. People go to college because that’s what you do after you finish high school. People get a job because that’s what you do when you finish school. People tie the knot and start having kids because that’s what you do when you become an adult.

Please don’t misunderstand me, by all means, go learn as much as you can. By all means, find a job and start working, so you have something to do every day. By all means, find a spouse that loves you for who you are and start procreating. These can all be tremendous blessings.

But don’t just walk into these things haphazardly. Don’t do them just because “that’s what people do.”

Do these things with a focused intentionality, with a worthwhile purpose, with a deep-seated desire. Do these things with an end in mind.

And friends, the only place you’ll find that intentionality, that purpose, that desire is in Jesus, the Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. He is where the real walk will begin…

and end.

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