Scattering Seeds

One time Jesus told a story about a farmer. The farmer went out and scattered seeds. Jesus made it clear that we who follow Him are supposed to play the farmer. Most of the time, I don’t play the farmer. I have the opportunity, but I keep my mouth shut. Sometimes, I do actually play the farmer. But it’s rare. For example:

  1. I met a model on a plane. We were sitting together talking about life when the plane experienced some turbulence. She was afraid she was going to die. I wasn’t. She wondered why. I told her why. She thought that was cool.
  2. I met a guy leading a small group Bible study. He opened up the Bible, read a passage, and asked everyone what they thought. After a half hour of disorder, he said a prayer and everyone left a bit confused. I stayed around and talked to him for a short while. I said, “Bro, if you’re going to teach, you need to spend some time in preparation. Come up with specific, poignant questions. You don’t have to prepare a sermon, just help guide the discussion into truth.” He thought that sounded like a good idea.
  3. A guy invited m to go downtown with him and talk to people about Jesus. The guy came up to a group of teenagers and asked them how many commandments they had broken. Then he told them what kind of punishment that deserved (aka hell). I took one of the guys aside and asked him how his life was going. He told me it sucked. I asked him what he believed. He told me he was an agnostic. I told him I was once in a similar boat. I recommended that he read Ecclesiastes and John’s gospel. He said he would.
  4. At a campfire, I talked to another agnostic guy. We chatted about science, evolution, history, God, current events. After a couple hours of discussion, we went to our separate tents. I prayed for him for about a month later. A year or so later, he and Jesus met up. Now they are friends and he visits jails and goes to colleges having these same types of discussions.

Of all these stories, the last one is the only one where I know the outcome. Often times, we share and we will never know the outcome. Regardless, scatter on!

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