I have a grandpa that I deeply respect. I don’t see him a whole lot because he’s a hermit. And I would go visit him more often, but I can barely breathe in his smoke-filled house. Amazingly, Grandpa is still kickin’ at 70+ years old on a steady diet of cigarettes, coffee, and toast.

But let’s get back to why I respect him. I respect him because he uses his knowledge to be a blessing to others. He fixes people’s computers for them–for free. He builds computers and gives them to people–for free. He also knows a lot about woodworking and building model crafts. Thus, he has built doll houses, barns, train tracks, bookshelves, CD and DVD holders, etc. for people–again, for free.

I appreciate this about Grandpa. He helps people in the ways he can help. He’s not going to sit down and give you life advice like a counselor. He’s not going to go out and give a talk to a large audience and tell them they need to help others. He just quietly goes about his business, doing what he’s good at, helping whom he can, not drawing any attention to himself.

Reasons for respect are much more abundant, but those stories are for another time. I think you get the idea for now. So, “Grandpa, thanks for all you’ve done for me. And thanks for your example.”

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