Werd Plae





Wii yous th-m ev-re-dae butt rair-ley due wii cun-sid-r wat wii r due-ng. Hear, eye hav maid cent-in-ses whith tha saym s-ow-nds butt dif-r-int spel-ngs. Thadz ahl wii due wen wii reed, iznt iht? N-tr-prt sownds? Hoo cairs abowt tha spel-ng? Englsh teechrs?

Reeding stuph lighk thiz iz’nt az difi-colt az eye im-ahjind. Ihtz a phun x-ersize doughn’t u thnk?

Lan-goo-ige iz pha-sin-ate-ng.

We just keep putting one word after another after another, and suddenly life starts to make cents. since. sense.

Published by omerdylanredden

I write.

One thought on “Werd Plae

  1. i konw. I lvoe tihs bolg. Wrods can aslo be raeragned and udnresootd as lnog as the frist and lsat letetrs are the smae. Lvoe ya!

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