2 Chronicles 11-13

11 God warns/counsels the people, “No civil war.” Rehoboam is all over the place. He’s bad for awhile, good for a few years, then back to being evil. Ultimately, he ends up being deemed a bad king. 12 Egypt plunders Jerusalem. It’s the people’s first taste of slavery to the Egyptians since the Exodus. ItContinue reading “2 Chronicles 11-13”

2 Chronicles 8-10

Chapter 7 ends with a couple “if…then” promises. They are big promises too. Unfortunately, Israel goes the wrong way, as we know from the rest of Scripture. But, lest we digress any further, let’s follow the Chronicler thru 8&9 (aka Solomon’s accomplishments). He built entire cities just for storage of horses, chariots, food, etc. Cities.Continue reading “2 Chronicles 8-10”

2 Chronicles 5-7

Chapter 5 begins with a big statement. “Thus all the work that Solomon did for the house of the Lord was finished.” Why is that big? Because it takes a lot to finish. It’s easy to start. Shoot, I could start something new everyday. It’s invigorating, it’s fresh, it’s engaging. But finishing something is hard.Continue reading “2 Chronicles 5-7”

2 Chronicles 1

I get excited reading about Solomon. I love his wise sayings (Proverbs), his philosophical, end-of-life journal (Ecclesiastes), his poem on love (Song of Solomon), and even his biographical info recorded in the history books (Kings and Chronicles). The guy was brilliant, filled with all kinds of knowledge…and wisdom. His accomplishments—admirable. His wealth—astronomical. His sayings—top notch.Continue reading “2 Chronicles 1”