2 Chronicles 8-10

Chapter 7 ends with a couple “if…then” promises. They are big promises too. Unfortunately, Israel goes the wrong way, as we know from the rest of Scripture. But, lest we digress any further, let’s follow the Chronicler thru 8&9 (aka Solomon’s accomplishments).

  • He built entire cities just for storage of horses, chariots, food, etc. Cities. He built cities.
  • He built houses for himself and at least one of his wives.
  • He obtained 450 talents of gold from Ophir, along with algum wood.
  • He obtains more gold, spices, and precious stones after impressing the Queen of Sheba.
  • He makes shields, a throne, and obtains gold, silver, ivory, apes, peacocks.
  • He shares wisdom with lots of kings and rulers.

After chapter 10, everything starts spiraling out of control.

**It reminds me of a saying from my dad, “The first generation earns it; the second generation keeps it; the third generation loses it.” A fine summary of David, Solomon, and Rehoboam.

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