2 Chronicles 2-4

Solomon sends a word to the king of Tyre asking for some assistance in materials and personnel. In 2:7, he specifically requests a man skilled to work in gold, silver, bronze, and iron; in purple, crimson, and fabrics; as well as engraving. In 2:14, the king of Tyre sends just the man Solomon is looking for—Huram-abi. This Huram-abi is able to execute any design that may be assigned to him. That is, he knows his stuff.

In the church today, I think many people are of the Huram-abi persuasion. They can work with their hands, they can design things, they can function as Mr. or Mrs. Fix-it. But for some reason they feel their abilities can’t be used in the service of the church. They fear because they aren’t teachers or preachers or Sunday school leaders, they can’t serve a crucial role in the church functions. But don’t believe that Mr. or Mrs. Huram-abi. You have a place. A very important place. Without you, there is no heating and air, no running water, no kitchen area, no sound system or lights. There is no building to gather at, no pretty décor to look at, no stained glass and vaulted ceilings to marvel at. You have a place Huram-abi, a place in the Lord’s house.

Other notable features of chapters 2-4:

• Mount Moriah, the place where Solomon builds the Lord’s temple, is also the place where the Lord had appeared to David, where David had been appointed king, and where Abraham had gone up to offer Isaac (his first born), which became a picture of God offering His first-born for the forgiveness of our sins.

• Nearly everything is overlaid with gold.

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