2 Chronicles 1

I get excited reading about Solomon. I love his wise sayings (Proverbs), his philosophical, end-of-life journal (Ecclesiastes), his poem on love (Song of Solomon), and even his biographical info recorded in the history books (Kings and Chronicles). The guy was brilliant, filled with all kinds of knowledge…and wisdom. His accomplishments—admirable. His wealth—astronomical. His sayings—top notch.

The guy knew more about life than many of us will ever know. He built vineyards and gardens, parks and palaces (plural), pools and farms. He even built the temple of the Lord. Now how many people can say that?

Chapters 2 thru 5 of Second Chronicles are all about that—Solomon building the temple. But the first chapter is about the man. It’s about his worship, his wisdom, his wealth. It’s about how God shows favor to a man, just because He wants to. It’s about how God was with Solomon and made him exceedingly great. How do I know this?

Because it’s written as a summary statement in the first verse.

• In verses 2-6, we see his worship. Solomon and all the head honchos go to Gibeon to worship at the ol’ Tabernacle, the portable structure that was built by Moses during the Exodus. Solomon goes all out in his worship, with a 1000 burnt offerings.

• In verses 7-13, we see his wisdom. Solomon prays to God and asks for wisdom to rule God’s people well. God heartily grants him wisdom. (Would God do the same for us? I think so.)

• In verses 14-17, we see his wealth. God had told Solomon that He would also grant him riches, possessions, and honor, which sure enough, God does. Solomon obtains chariots, horsemen, silver, gold, and cedar.

Great worship, great wisdom, great wealth. This is the summary of the man, the king, Solomon. I hope it is my summary as well.

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