The Sabbath Series: What is a Daily Sabbath?

A daily sabbath is a daily reset. It could be a nap, meditation, deep breathing, or a relaxing walk. This concept is not new to me. It has been passed down by the greats throughout history. (More on that later.)

In this post, we’ll cover:

I understand that Scripture is clear the Sabbath is a one-day rest, once a week. But I am convinced that a daily Sabbath is just as crucial for most of us, especially in the present day.

Here’s why:

Our Current State

At no other time in history has our human race been more inundated with information. In America, we literally have the world at our fingertips, provided we have a smartphone. We can ask Google any question and it knows / nose. 🙂

Our eyes are darting and moving faster than ever before. One screen to the next, one tab to the next, one app to the next. We scroll and scan, tap and swipe, click on and click off hundreds of times per day.

Because of this, our minds tire faster than they did in previous generations. Information overload is a real thing. Overstimulation is a definite problem. And over-working, hyperconnectivity (aka never shutting off) is an epidemic in our culture.

I’ve struggled with it too.

As a coworker confessed recently, every time I have a “free” moment, whether it be driving to run an errand, folding the laundry, or laying in bed before sleep, I feel an urge to turn on my phone. I need to respond to comments on social media, look for an email, listen to a podcast / audiobook, or do something to “feel productive.”

This constant hyperconnectivity is an addiction. A daily addiction.

So how do we combat it?

What Does Daily Sabbath Look Like?

We find a space for a daily Sabbath, a daily rest. Some sort of exhale. Some sort of intentional pause. Some sort of disconnected, unplugged experience.

It doesn’t have to be long. And it can look different for each person.

Here are some examples:

  • Maybe you do 2 minutes of deep breathing exercises
  • Maybe you do 5 minutes of Headspace or Calm meditation
  • Maybe you do 10 minutes of yoga and stretching
  • Maybe you take your dog on a walk in the middle of the day
  • Maybe you sit in your chair and stare out the window at certain intervals
  • Maybe you take a 20-minute nap

I practice the last one on the list. I take a 20-minute nap every day, usually sometime between 12pm to 2pm. I usually don’t need it before 12pm. And if I wait until after 2pm, I can have trouble sleeping that night. But to be crystal clear, it is a 20-minute nap, not a 2-hour one.

I finish whatever I was working on, leave my desk, find the bed, and set the alarm. It’s that simple. That gives just enough time for my brain to process, calm down, exhale, and reset. Then ding, I’m up and at it.

I encourage you to try napping. You may suck at it the first time, don’t give up. Keep practicing daily, and soon enough, you’ll be a napping champ.

Truth is, the mid-day siesta is a beauty. Call it whatever you will: a siesta, a power nap, a 20-minute reset, a daily Sabbath. The practice is incredibly rejuvenating. It makes you feel like you have two days of accomplishment in a single day because you’re able to reset focus and go strong in the afternoon when others are winding down and hitting their walls.

Not yet convinced?

Check out these examples

Some very notable figures throughout history have been regular nappers. These folks include the likes of:

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Thomas Edison
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Winston Churchill
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Albert Einstein
  • Michael Hyatt

You can find a more comprehensive list of nappers and the scientific benefits behind napping from Michael Hyatt. Personally, I’d be honored to be included in these ranks as someone who takes a nap every day.

Obviously, a daily Sabbath can go a long way toward restoring and maintaining your health. I hope you give it a shot. May you be less stressed, better balanced, and live a more joyful and integrated life!

Next Step

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