Colossians 2

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Paul wrote so many good lines in Colossians 2. I’m struggling with which ones to call attention to and dive into. I can’t possibly cover it all. And I’m sure Paul felt the same way when writing these letters.

He had written roughly 2,000 words, and he was trying to explain the mystery of the Gospel and how it went first to the Jews, then to everyone else. It was such a novel concept at the time. There was controversy, misunderstanding, differing expectations, and a whole lot of false teaching surrounding it. People were trying to dazzle others with their big words and their fancy rules and their intellectual talk. Sure sounds a lot like today actually!

But Paul saw straight through it. And I pray I can do the same today.

So where should we dive in? Let’s look at verse 7. In the Message, it reads,

You know your way around the faith. Now do what you’ve been taught. School’s out; quit studying the subject and start living it! And let your living spill over into thanksgiving.

Isn’t that such a great line?! School is out. Quit studying. Start living.

I’m in my mid-30s, but I’d honestly still be in school if I could find a way a different way to get the bills paid. I have a tendency to study a lot. I love to read. I love to learn. I love to be intellectually stimulated. But I’ve also been a believer for over 18 years now, and I recognize, the value in all of this is actually LIVING it out!

It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue to study. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue to learn. But I absolutely need to be putting it all into practice. And if I ever have a day where I have to choose between the two for sake of time, I can absolutely miss out on studying, so that I can focus on living it.

So live it, my friends. You know your way around the faith. The fruits of the Spirit are simple. The manifestation of Christ’s life in you is very straightforward. You’ll love people more. You’ll love people better. And you’ll be a more kind, more gentle, more patient, more joyful, more faithful, more peaceful person. Let the Spirit continue working those things in your life.


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