Limited Knowledge / Unlimited Resources

We have more resources available to us than any prior generation. We can fill our plate with enough podcasts or sermons to keep us occupied for the rest of our years. In some cases, a single person’s recordings (whether audio or literary) could keep us busy the rest of our lives. I think of men like Ravi Zacharias or Charles Spurgeon. We can’t even begin to touch the number of books calling to us from the shelves, begging us to read them. Let me put this in perspective:

If I only tried to read the books that were published in America in 2010, and I read a book per day, it would take me 899 years to finish all of them. Can you imagine? Just considering what was written in 2010 in America. But I want to read much more broadly than that. I want some theology of ages past, some philosophy; I want a better grasp on history; I like to keep abreast on current events. How will I even begin to get a fair representation of literature?

The truth is, I won’t. At some point, I have to admit my knowledge is limited. My time is even more limited. I have to choose what voices to listen to, what content to address.

Right now, I am in 4 broad areas, and I suspect I will spend most of my life in them: Theology, Language, Business, and Political Thinking (not the talking head junk, but the theories of government systems and the challenges of governing).

That’s what I give ear to. What will you give ear to?

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