Ecclesiastes 5-6

In verse 13 of chapter 5, and following, the writer talks about evils he has seen under the sun. He is speaking in relation to wealth. He observes two evils (among others):

  1. When wealth is hoarded
  2. When wealth is lost through some misfortune

Both are terrible to see. One is greed. The other is misfortune. The latter destroys wealth. The former destroys your ability to enjoy wealth.

Thru these two chapters, many words are given to the idea of not being able to enjoy your wealth. And the whole time I read it, I think of countless Americans. They don’t realize how much they have, and due to the greed in their hearts and the ubiquitous advertisements, they think they always need more. I pray, earnestly, that God would allow me to enjoy the wealth I have. For contentment (with godliness) is great gain.

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