Four years ago, I had no desire to be a father. Not until I was finished with school, which at the time, I planned to finish a PhD.

Three years ago, I told my wife we could start trying. The Lord did quite a work on my heart.

Two years ago, we had a little girl, and she lit up my world.

One year ago, I truly began to love fatherhood. It’s a fine calling. It refines you like nothing else.

Four months ago, we had another lovely girl.

Today, I know the Lord has blessed me deeply. I am humbled regularly. I pray often for grace. I know I often fail. Thankfully I have a gracious Lord, as well as a gracious wife. In the words of Solomon, this three-fold cord is hard to break.

Children are a blessing. So is a virtuous wife. I can’t imagine who I would be without them.

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