Closing Thoughts (2 Chronicles)

It’s amazing to see how quickly you can read through the Bible when you exercise some discipline.

We’re covering approximately 3 chapters/day on this blog, 5 days/week, and we’re already through 2 large books in the Old Testament. If we keep this pace, we should cover the entire Bible in roughly a year.

As for 2 Chronicles, my closing thoughts are simple:

  • The Chronicler loves numbers, names, and details.
  • The Chronicler is a harsh judge when it comes to character and loyalty towards God.
  • The Chronicler had a lot of insider information on the thoughts and conversations of kings and priests and the events of each king’s reign.
  • I want to be like all the good kings. I pray I am.

As for next week, I’m not sure what book we’ll start, but I am sure it won’t be a history book. Join us Monday, and we’ll see what’s brewing.

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