Genesis 37-39

We’re going to finish the book of Genesis. This section (chapter 37 thru 50) will cover the life of Joseph.

If you pay attention in chapter 37, you’ll see that three times the author mentions that Joseph’s brothers hate him. The author mentions that the father loves him one time. And after Joseph shares his symbolic dreams with his family, his brothers grow indignant, while his father keeps the matter in mind. It reminds me of Mary keeping the sayings about Jesus in her heart.

When Jacob calls Joseph to do a task, Joseph says, “Here I am.” Again, reminds me of another story in the Bible, the story of Isaiah receiving the call from the Lord. Both guys really have no idea what is coming next after they say, “Here I am.” In both cases, difficulty follows. The point, though, is that they’re available. They are available and willing to do their Father’s work, and that is commendable. God likes that.

As for chapter 38, in the past, it always seemed like the strangest of interruptions. Why bring in Judah’s sin with Tamar in the middle of Joseph’s story? But this time, it made sense. The interruption helps us understand what’s going on in the rest of Joseph’s family. Reuben, the firstborn, had already screwed up with incestual relations. Simeon and Levi had fallen out of favor due to their slaughtering of Hamor and Shechem. Now, number 4, Judah was screwing up as well. None of them would receive the blessings of the firstborn. Not only that, but this chapter shows us the stark contrast between Joseph and all his brothers. Joseph flees immorality; his brothers plot it and walk right into it.

Finally, I hope the things that are written of Joseph in 39:2-6 can be said of me as well. I desire God’s favor and good hand to be upon me. I pray for it. I hope you do too.

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