1 Chronicles 28-29

In 28:1, we see the gathering of a huge group of leaders. We’re talking about a major news event. All the big wigs, in one city, at one gathering. The occasion: plans for the new temple, a charge to remember the Lord’s commandments, and the passing of the torch to David’s son, Solomon.

Solomon is not chosen or appointed by David. David had many other sons he could have chosen. But Solomon was chosen by God (see 1 Chronicles 22:9, 28:6, 29:1). This choosing of leaders by God makes you think of 1 Samuel 2:7, Psalm 75:7, and Daniel 2:21–the Lord determines kings, their rising and their falling.

As David passes the torch to his son, the new, God-appointed king, he charges Solomon: “Know the God of your father, serve him with an undivided heart and a willing mind; Be strong and set to work; Be strong, stand firm; be fearless, be dauntless, because Yahweh God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you before you have finished all the work to be done for the house of Yahweh.” He then adds something to the effect, “and just in case you’re still worried, the people have your back too.” Now that, is a charge. Be strong, stand firm, be fearless, be dauntless!

Shifting gears to the freewill offerings, both of David and of the people, it must be recognized that Jehiel, Shelemoth, Zetham, and Joel must be men of utmost integrity. They are receiving offerings of great magnitude, all kinds of precious treasures, and not once do we hear mention of greed, envy, misuse, or abuse of these materials. These men are the type of men I would want on my staff–be it for a church, a business, a team, or as friends. Lord, give us more men like this.

And finally, shifting one more time, to the words of praise by David, we see this king, even in his old age, breaking out in spontaneous worship, still humble, still excited, still in love with his God. Just read 29:10-19. Read it again. And again. Such a good ending to this first half of the book of Chronicles.

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