1 Chronicles 25-27

Pretty straightforward information in these three chapters.

In chapter 25, we cover the liturgical duties and those who performed them. In chapter 26, we learn who serves as gate keepers, treasury overseers, scribes, judges, and border patrol. In chapter 27, we see how the rest of the military and civil society were organized.

Two things that stuck out to me:

1) Obed-Edom is specially noted as being blessed by God because he had eight sons. When you think about it, that is quite a blessing, and quite a rarity. Likewise these men, his sons and grandsons, “were well fitted for their task.” I hope I’m well fitted for my task. I hope you are well-fitted for yours.

2) These chapters show us that government and the organization of civil society is a necessary thing. It is as old as man himself. And society will always need order and leaders. Let’s just pray that our current leaders come to know the Lord…and that those who know the Lord will be made leaders, as God sees fit.

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