I like Jack.

Without providing any context, you have no idea what or who I’m talking about. I could be expressing my homosexual love for a man named Jack. But those of you who know me, know that’s not the case. I’m married to a beautiful woman named Hannah, not a guy named Jack.

If you kind of know me, you might guess that I have a friend or brother named Jack. I don’t. I just checked my Facebook list to make sure. No friends named Jack.

But I do have a musical artist I like named Jack. His last name is Johnson. He’s really good at metaphors. And playing guitar. And balancing the guitar on his head.

Sometimes I like to drink Jack. Not Jack Johnson. Jack Daniels. I don’t drink it everyday, just on special occasions, with a Coke. It’s a tasty treat.

I’m going to have one in about three weeks…after I finish seminary!

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3 thoughts on “Jack

  1. Oh Dylan…you have a way with words. 🙂 And I like it. I like Jack as well. Jack Johnson that is. I might like Jack Daniels too, but I will only like him once I come of legal drinking age.

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