Poor Park Etiquette

Today a lady called my dog stupid. That’s poor etiquette.

Later she asked what kind of dog he was. I said a stupid one apparently. No, actually I said, “We aren’t sure. We know he’s part lab, but we aren’t sure about the other part. He looks similar to some pictures of a lab/hound mix we saw online.” She said “No way! Nope. His ears are too high to be a hound. He looks like he has some sharpei in him.” Poor etiquette #2–telling the owner he doesn’t know what kind of dog he has.

She watched Gideon run and prance a bit and made some more comments about how he must be part sharpei. I nodded, kindly saying, “I guess that’s possible.” Then I asked where one of her dogs ran off to. She looked around and he had disappeared. I chuckled on the inside. Then I left her to find her stupid dog.

We’ll call that poor etiquette #3.

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