2 Chronicles 5-7

Chapter 5 begins with a big statement. “Thus all the work that Solomon did for the house of the Lord was finished.” Why is that big? Because it takes a lot to finish. It’s easy to start. Shoot, I could start something new everyday. It’s invigorating, it’s fresh, it’s engaging. But finishing something is hard.Continue reading “2 Chronicles 5-7”

2 Chronicles 1

I get excited reading about Solomon. I love his wise sayings (Proverbs), his philosophical, end-of-life journal (Ecclesiastes), his poem on love (Song of Solomon), and even his biographical info recorded in the history books (Kings and Chronicles). The guy was brilliant, filled with all kinds of knowledge…and wisdom. His accomplishments—admirable. His wealth—astronomical. His sayings—top notch.Continue reading “2 Chronicles 1”

Closing Thoughts (1 Chronicles)

This author loves names and numbers. He is detailed, meticulous, thorough, etc. When you compare Chronicles to the books of Samuel or Kings, you will see they are complementary, but not identical. Sometimes, the chronicler leaves out details in this account that are included in the others; other times, he includes details that are notContinue reading “Closing Thoughts (1 Chronicles)”

1 Chronicles 25-27

Pretty straightforward information in these three chapters. In chapter 25, we cover the liturgical duties and those who performed them. In chapter 26, we learn who serves as gate keepers, treasury overseers, scribes, judges, and border patrol. In chapter 27, we see how the rest of the military and civil society were organized. Two thingsContinue reading “1 Chronicles 25-27”

1 Chronicles 22-24

Stark differences between David and Solomon: David vs. Solomon War vs. Peace Old vs. Young Restless vs. Restful Experienced vs. Green Conqueror vs. Facilitator 23:30-31: They give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord every morning and every evening. May we do the same. Also, I think there’s something to be said for a pattern inContinue reading “1 Chronicles 22-24”