Isaiah 54-56

I vacationed for a couple weeks. Now it’s time to get back into this habit.

Isaiah 54 starts off with an encouragement to make progress, to gain ground. Our pastor recently used this as a jumping-off point for a series of sermons, in which he laid out some initiatives for our church. Big plans, good stuff.

The Lord goes on in 54 to tell His people He did cast them off, but now He will have compassion on them. Why? Because He is their Redeemer. That is His nature, His character, to redeem.

His steadfast love will remain with them. Nothing will harm them. This is the inheritance of His servants. He will vindicate them. Praise Him!

Chapter 55 headlines a number of popular verses: His thoughts being higher than our thoughts, His Word not returning void, mountains and hills clapping. Exciting words all around!

In the following chapter, we see a declaration of The Lord to extend salvation to more than just the Israelites. He is going to bring eunuchs and foreigners into His house, which is a house of prayer.

I can hardly contain myself when I consider the joy of this section! Praise The Lord for encouragements like these.

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