Isaiah 57-59

Ponder verses 1-2. Take it to heart. It will change the way you live.

The rest of 57 is like reading rated-R material. And people say the Bible is for all ages. I just don’t think so. That is a section I will not expound on for my daughters until they are teenagers, at least.

After the summary statement, “There is no peace for the wicked,” Isaiah moves into the elements of a true fast. Not exactly a transition I saw coming, but it does make sense. You fast for important things, like people repenting, like the Lord showing mercy to sinners, like us getting our lives and priorities straight. May we be obedient to follow the Lord’s leading to fast. And may we follow our fasts with obedience. May we be like verses 8-14.

As for 59, there’s a lot happening. I would summarize it as justice for the majority of the chapter, with mercy coming in at the tail. I definitely enjoy that last verse.


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