1 John (part 4)

The Daily Omer. Bible Commentary. 1 John. Omer Dylan Redden

John has a pretty scathing critique when he comments on the state of our world. Here’s what John says:

Practically everything that goes on in the world–wanting your own way, wanting everything for yourself, wanting to appear important–has nothing to do with the Father.

It’s pretty straight forward, but to put it in other words:

  • Wanting your own way= selfish / inconsiderate
  • Wanting everything for yourself= envy / jealousy
  • Wanting to appear important= status / worth from others

Of course, it’s easy to critique others and point the finger, “Yeah, people suck.”

But when I turn the mirror on myself, I realize I’m guilty of these same things, and I find myself falling prey to them more often than I’d like to admit.

So that’s why I share this, not to get on the “holier than thou” train, not to point the finger and say you suck or other people suck. But I share it because it’s worth the introspection and asking yourself how much of your life is spent pursuing these three things. Because these behaviors have one dead end: they just isolate you from God. Plain and simple.

And being isolated from God is not what any of us desire.

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