Mark 8-9


Verse 21–Jesus asks, “Do you not yet understand?” My answer: I don’t understand. Is there a significance to the numbers? Is there some math pattern I am missing? I am truly curious as to what I am missing. The only lesson I pull from this is–they contributed their little bits to the Lord, and the Lord multiplied it, beyond what was needed.

Verse 37– For what can a man give in return for his soul? The obvious answer is the soul is priceless. It cannot be traded, sold, or exchanged. People will give all kinds of things for their soul. Or they try to fill their soul with all kinds of things. Am I making sense? We either give our souls to vain and idle and useless pursuits like money, decking out cars & trucks, memorizing sports stats. Or we kill our souls by never embracing our imaginations, creativity, and talents. We squander our souls. Jesus says if you give your life for His sake and for the Gospel’s sake, you will live. Trust me, He’s right. it’s the only way to come fully alive.


So much is happening in this chapter. In order to write anything worthwhile, I will have to sit and study a few of these passages. I certainly want to know more about:

  • In chapter 8, why did the first attempt in healing the blind man only partially work? And why the comment about men looking like trees? Is there something to dig out of that?
  • In 8 & 9, why does it seem Jesus is starting to grow angry? Is He becoming frustrated with the disciples, or the crowds, or the enemy’s attacks? Is it a sin to be frustrated with people?
  • In 9, is Jesus telling us that John the Baptist was Elijah, plain and simple?
  • Why does Jesus ask how long the child has had these attacks? Does it matter if He’s going to deliver him anyway?
  • What does it mean to have salt in yourself?

Sometimes, I read the Bible and leave with answers. Sometimes, I read the Bible and leave with questions.

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