Isaiah 36-39

The whole flow of the book changes at this juncture. No longer is it prophetic announcements; now, it is historical narrative.

Sennacherib comes on the scene, sending his messenger Rabshakeh to challenge King Hezekiah and all of Judah. He threatens them, intimidates them, mocks them and their God.

Hezekiah is distressed when he hears these words. However, he responds in a rightful way. He goes to the house of The Lord, he consults the godliest man he knows, he prays, and he awaits an answer. The Lord gives an answer to Hezekiah through Isaiah, and lo, it comes to pass. The Lord delivers Judah, the Assyrians are struck down, and the king of the Assyrians is killed by his own sons.

This would be a happy ending, if you’re on Judah’s side, but unfortunately this isn’t the end.

Hezekiah develops a sickness, then he is healed, then he screws up just before death. Envoys from Babylon come and Hezekiah shows them all around. He gives them an all inclusive tour. Enter Isaiah. He tells Hezekiah that in a few short years, all of those goods, and even some of Hezekiah’s sons, will be in exile in Babylon.

Exile is impending.

The outlook is terribly grim.

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