Isaiah 34-35

The outlook for the nations in chapter 34 is grim at best. It sounds like worldwide judgment. It sounds dark and full of destruction. Sky dissolved, trees withered and shriveled, streams full of pitch, the land drenched with blood, the sword of the Lord bathed in blood. Every picture you can imagine of destruction is named in this chapter.

You hope you’re never a part of something like this.

Thankfully, there’s a chapter 35. It’s the opposite. Words of rejoicing and strength. Blind seeing, deaf hearing, lame walking, mute speaking. It’s life, exuberance, joy. Water in the dry beds, greenery in the barrenness. The highway of holiness is there. The glory of the Lord is there.

Two starkly different scenarios. May the Lord find you in 35, not in 34.

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