1 Peter 3-5

Peter continues his letter with more applications–how wives should behave, how husbands, those who are facing persecution, and those who are leading God’s people should behave. Somewhere in all that, he even makes use of Psalm 34. I know this, not because of handy Bible references that are in most Bibles, but because I’ve actually memorized that Psalm. It’s a very good one, and in many ways, it serves as a summary of my life.

Concerning memorization, I haven’t memorized very much. I am working at memorizing more. Having Scripture in my mind and heart, as a part of me, makes it so much more meaningful and accessible, not just for myself, but for others as well. You know what I mean, because you know when you meet someone who has the Scriptures in their DNA. It governs their whole way of life, their speech, their countenance, everything. I pray God molds me into that type of person. I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t work to memorize large portions of 1 Peter. It surely wouldn’t hurt. Plus, it would give me wisdom for how to handle nearly every situation, much like the Proverbs.

When Ezekiel and John were told to eat the scrolls, I think the above paragraph is what was meant.

And somehow, God, in His Spirit, is working behind it all–in Peter, in Psalms, in Proverbs, in Ezekiel, in John, in Omer.

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