1 Peter 1-2

Where do I start?

This is a difficult letter to understand, upon a first glance. You really have to sit down and spend some time studying it to make sense of what Peter is saying.

Warning: I haven’t spent much time with this. These are introductory, cursory remarks.

He starts by talking about our salvation and the living hope we have. He then moves into the application of that truth. We need to be living holy lives. And I love that line in vs 13 about girding up the loins of your mind. So that’s a snapshot of chapter 1.

Chapter 2 (which if you remember, no one really divided their own letters into chapters or sections, they just wrote) begins with more encouragements to live uprightly, giving all kinds of wonderful imagery to spur us onward and upward. He talks about our position in Christ and how Christians should act before authorities and how they should act if they suffer.

Basically it boils down to this: Christians should look like Christ.

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