2 Chronicles 23-25

Jehoiada, the priest, takes care of the crazy grandma, Athaliah.

Joash becomes king at age seven. Age seven, a king, can you imagine? Now, I’m sure he wasn’t making the big decisions at that age, but still, the fact that he held the title at such a young age is remarkable. And for the most part, Joash does well (while Jehoiada is priest). Once he comes of age, he decides to repair the temple. This excites the people so much that they actually enjoy paying taxes to fund the project.

The people enjoy paying taxes!

What projects could we possibly do in this country in which people would enjoy paying taxes, gladly contributing a portion of their earnings toward a new project?

Unfortunately, things don’t pan out so well after the repairs. Jehoiada, the old priest, dies, and before you know it the nation goes astray. Joash won’t listen to the prophets that God sends his way, so eventually, God says He’s had enough. The Assyrians roll in, take over, and serve as God’s judgment on Joash.

As for chapter 25, let’s just say it’s complicated. I’ll close by saying this: sometimes it disgusts me to see how people refuse to listen. I pray I can always listen.

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