2 Chronicles 20-22

The previous day’s reading and today’s readings startled me. Why? Because I’ve read through the Bible a few times before and never do I remember Jehoshaphat being such a good king. He was though. And here’s the proof:

  • When he’s afraid, he seeks the Lord (20:3)
  • He proclaims a nationwide fast to seek the Lord (20:3). Could you imagine that happening today?
  • He prays, “We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on You.” (20:12)
  • The prophet tells him, “The battle is not yours, but God’s.” (20:15) Then the prophet gives some faith-based battle instructions, aka don’t fight, just watch. Again, can you imagine someone following that advice today? Sidenote: God has prophets prepared for every generation, good or evil.
  • Jehoshaphat and his army are rewarded for obedience (20:24-30).
  • The one blemish on his record (20:35-37)

After Jehoshaphat, the whole story changes in tone. Jehoram takes the throne and kicks it off with a terrible series of events. Which makes me wonder, how could his father possibly allow him to succeed him as king?

Nevertheless, the Lord does deal justly with Jehoram’s wickedness through the rest of chapter 21. The simple lesson: DON’T DISOBEY OR CAUSE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.

Chapter 22 can be summarized as depressing. It reaches such a low in the kingdom that a sister (a princess) has to hide her brother (a prince) from their crazed and demented grandma who is killing everyone in the royal family. No words can describe.

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