1 Chronicles 1-3


Bob Dylan wrote an autobiography called Chronicles. Right now, it looks much more appealing than these first 9 chapters. Names, names, and more names.

One time, I counted them all up, or at least a good portion of them. I’ll find that stat and post it in the near future. But, for the sake of simplicity, so we don’t become bogged down at the start, let me lay down an outline.

  • Chapter 1: Adam to Jacob
  • Chapter 2: Jacob to David
  • Chapter 3: David to Captivity

Special notes:

  • Nimrod was the first to be a “mighty man”
  • In Peleg’s days the earth was divided
  • Er was evil in the sight of the Lord and God put him to death
  • Achan was the troubler of Israel who broke faith in the matter of devoted things
  • Hezron was married at age 60. His son Jar had 23 cities in Gilead. Let’s just say 2:21-24 is messy
  • Seled died childless. So did Jether
  • Sheshan had only daughters, but he arranged for a male slave and daughter to marry. They have a child, a son
  • Jeconiah was a captive

Why do these first nine chapters of Chronicles matter? All these genealogies affirm, in painstaking detail, the line of Christ.

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