New Habits

Sometimes we need to adopt new habits and kick old ones. Here’s what I mean.donkey-kick-a-man-coloring-page-1

I kicked:

  • Keeping a monthly budget. Why? It was becoming a time waster and a source of worry rather than a help.
  • Creating mental to-do lists. If you remember them, they drive you nuts. If you forget them, you get mad about it. As an alternative, I write out my to-do lists and only keep the necessities.
  • Eating sweets everyday. Although I can get away with it now, I won’t be able to in a few years. It will catch up with me. Thus, I better quit now. Only holidays and special occasions.

I started:

  • Reading a book per day. How? I retire to my office at 8:30pm, Monday thru Thursday, and Sunday. I skim read or speed read, depending on what the content of the book necessitates. Only 3 hours per book, max.
  • Preparing a mini-teaching per week. It’s a good exercise to draw together the things I read, write, or meditate on thru any given week. I share it on Friday nights with a small group of guys.
  • Pushups, situps, and stretching. I hate doing these, not because I hate exercise, but because I would rather bike or play softball. It’s just not warm enough yet.

That’s what I’m doing. What are you doing? What have you kicked and what are you starting?

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