7 Habits for The Good Life (1)

Since being back in Indiana, my wife and I have formed several habits. Good habits. One of which is walking.

Every evening, around 8:30, just as the temperatures are cooling off and the sun is starting to make its descent, we lace up our shoes and leash up our dog. We usually spend 45 minutes walking, most of which we also spend talking. I am convinced that this activity alone can make your marriage thrive. You can talk out your day, discuss future plans, reflect on the past, laugh at your dog. You can also admire the sunset, the chirping birds, your lovely spouse, and the gentle breeze. You can talk about budgets, to-do items, and dreams. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s great exercise too.

We started this habit in Portland, mostly because another couple told us it was a great activity for them. Plus, our dog needed his exercise. Without it, he was a total nuisance. At first, we tried to make excuses about it raining or being too cold, but then we bought rain gear and toughed it out. I’m very grateful we did, because once we started, we were addicts, and looking back, walking was what brought our marriage out of a rut.

So there you have it, a tip to a healthier marriage. A step toward the good life. Walk on!

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One thought on “7 Habits for The Good Life (1)

  1. I agree with you, communication is key to any relationship. However, keep in mind that talking and communication are not the same. Communication is a skill that takes much practice but well worth the trip. Jeff

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