Summer Update

Well friends…it’s been a long time since the last post. Here’s why:

  • Two weeks ago I was finishing finals at the seminary.
  • One week ago I was loading up the car with all of our belongings.
  • Then I drove 34 hours in three days.
  • Over the past few days, my wife and I have been surprising friends and family with our presence.

Here I am today, using the computer for the first time in a week. I have jobs to apply for, emails to send, blogs to write. So this is the first post of the summer, warning you that there will be many good things to come. Much will come from the 34 hours I had to brainstorm, listen to music, listen to the Bible on CD, and reflect on my time in Portland. After meeting with some good friends at Steak-n-Shake today, and after looking at my wife’s belly today, I must say…summer looks good. Very good!

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One thought on “Summer Update

  1. Well I’m sorry lose you here in the PNW and NW but I wish you and hannah and the baby all the best in indy. Keep blogging and writing – it’s good stuff

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