How a Cord Can Change Your Life

Yesterday, the charger for the laptop broke. I almost cried. 😉

Today, I am writing this post from a computer at the school’s library. For the next week or so, until the new charger arrives in the mail, this will be my habit. I will be operating my digital life from a campus computer. Sad, eh? I guess I’ll have to cut back to checking my digital life every couple days, instead of every few hours. This is an inconvenience, certainly. But is it really that bad? I did have a life before the internet, didn’t I? I was able to function before laptops, right?

I can’t remember.



What did we do before laptops?

How was life possible?

What happened?…

Speaking of life and cords, what about that other cord? The one that is 20 inches long and 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The one that connects a baby to its mother. The umbilical cord. Yeah, I think that’s the cord that matters more than the laptop cord. That’s the cord that is really going to change my life. I mean, the baby that’s attached to that cord. She’s going to change my life.

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