Christian Awkwardness (2)

Could it be that Christians are awkward because of their inward bickerings?

Go to any Protestant church and you’ll likely hear someone put down the Catholics. Go to any Baptist church and you’re bound to hear someone bashing the Penecostals. Listen to a true Presbyterian long enough and you’ll realize that he or she is probably pointing the finger at a Methodist over issues of sovereignty. Go to a nondenominational church and you’ll hear them laughing at these arguments, thinking they have somehow escaped all of the controversy. But then, just bring up the “emergent church” and you’ll quickly learn there is controversy in every corner of Christendom. Some other group of Christians somewhere is heretical. And if it isn’t our responsibility to burn them at the stake, then surely God will carry out the correct punishment on judgment day. He’ll separate those goats from our sheep.

So, in Christendom, we see churches sitting on every corner, all claiming they have it right and they are the best. But, could it be part of our human condition? Do we have this tendency to think we are right and they are wrong?

What about Republicans and Democrats? What about Walgreens and CVS on opposite sides of the street? What about Chipotle, Qdoba, and Taco Bell being within a few hundred feet of each other? Who has the best prices or the best quality: Fred Meyer/Kroger, Wal-mart, Target, Safeway, or WinCo?

Isn’t everyone vying for the attention and approval of the general public? Doesn’t everyone want more followers? If that’s the case, then surely that’s not what makes Christians awkward, right?

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One thought on “Christian Awkwardness (2)

  1. Dude I love these posts! There is some true comedic gold [or sackcloth and ashes worthy] material within the Church. If you haven’t already, check out for a treasure trove of self-deprecating Church humor. Things like this always make me laugh, but definitely make me think about how to be more like the body of Christ and less like the body of Kramer [enter Seinfeld slap bass theme music].

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