Christian Awkwardness (1)

For the past few years, I’ve been wondering, what is it that makes Christians so awkward?

At first, I thought it was their weird language, Christianese. Christians throw around terms like sanctification, tribulation, salvation, fellowship, and hallelujah. Does anyone else use words like this? Ever? Christians may ask you questions like, “Have you been born-again?” “Have you invited Jesus into your heart?” “Do you have eternal life?” What? Then, if you meet some smarty-pants Christians, they’ll talk like they’re from another planet. They might talk about the propitiation of Christ’s sacrifice, our sinful concupiscence, the antinomian controversy, amillenialism vs. premillenialism. These cats may study soteriology and pneumatology, and they may bring up two of my favorite terms: supralapsarianism and infralapsarianism.

To which most people respond, What the hell are you talking about?

“Well, it depends on which hell you are talking about. Gehenna, Hades, or Tartaro?” says Mr. Educated Christian.

But the more I thought about it, I realized every field of study has its own lingo. Mathematicians talk about asymptotes and the anti-derivative of a function and a regular dodecahedron. Business people talk about procurements and the elasticity of demand, and they have acronyms like CFO, LLC, and CPI. Those things considered, I guess theologians can use their own lingo if they please.

But if it isn’t the lingo, what could account for this Christian awkwardness?

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5 thoughts on “Christian Awkwardness (1)

  1. I would venture two comments.

    One, I think the difference with mathematicians and business folk having their own lingo is that none of them are trying to spread the light of math or the light of business, and really, are probably trying to create the divide: they are the professionals, you are the laity who knows nothing and needs their expertise. Applying that to Christians, then, it becomes necessary that we adjust our lingo to something anyone can understand, not just the other “professionals.” It is one thing in the classroom; it is quite another in public. Would you agree?

    Two, I think Christians are so incredibly awkward because we have yet to figure out how to live the paradox of in the world but not of it. And in doing so, we so separate ourselves from the world that we become awkward and strange.

    These are just my thoughts, for what they’re worth.

  2. Personally, I was awkward long before I was a Christian, but becoming a Christian didn’t seem to help any – at least in that area. It only added infralapsarian premillennialism to the awkward mix, not to mention salvation from gehenna.

  3. The issue isn’t Christian awkardness but human. We are all awkward in some way to someone else and even we might think we are awkward sometimes.
    I agree that there are “Christians” out there who are awkward and seem to want to bring the attention to themselves and not God. At the same time I know I am not perfect and can be selfish or “awkward” at times. The reality is that we are aliens in this world if we truly belong to Christ, so the world will look on at Christians as awkward even if the Christian is right and following the truth.
    So the question is are we awkward so the world can see it for Jesus or are we awkward to bring glory to ourselves, or if we are not awkward at all are we just following the way of the world?

    Last thought. Who said awkwardness is bad? Isn’t it about the heart? And who sees the heart?

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