“Daddy” Fears

Dads have a rough life.

Moms do too.

In fact, a mom’s life is more difficult. Moms have the baby growing inside of them, stealing all of their nutrients. Moms have nine months of almost complete discomfort. *My condolences* Moms have to laboriously push to make that baby come out of them.  *My most sincere condolences* Then, once life begins– well, I think you know the routine. *Condolences again*

But Dads, what do we have do, besides coach (or faint) during labor? Dads have to stop on road trips every half-hour for Momma’s potty breaks. Dads have to keep Momma happy for nine months, buying crave foods and flowers, giving massages, etc. Dads have to be understanding when Momma experiences intense hormonal changes or goes through her morning ritual of harfing in the toilet. Dads have to tuck Momma into bed at 8pm because Momma needs her sleep. Dads have to pick up the daily chores of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. Dads have to worry about the financial black hole that is coming, as they try to provide for all of the overpriced baby goods. Dads, in short, have to weather the storm.

But how? How do we weather this storm and maintain our own sanity? I have three suggestions:

  1. Read “A Guy’s Guide to Pregnancy” by Frank Mungeam. It is a wonderful read, concise and hilarious.
  2. Maintain a good sense of humor.
  3. When you start to lose it, remember Mungeam’s Golden Rule of Expectant Dads: “It could be worse–you could be pregnant!”

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3 thoughts on ““Daddy” Fears

  1. Way to keep perspective man! I guess things really could be worse 🙂 Haha! Keep on truckin bro. Maybe Dad needs to schedule a gaming break soon.

  2. I loved this! So clever! You both are going to be great parents… and remember that when you both think you’re going to loose it, God is really in charge keeping it all together! 🙂

  3. This is so honest and sweet! You’re a good guy to be up front about the difficulties that come with the joy of pregnancy. Nicely written, too.

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