Jeremiah 35

The Rechabites.

First, there is an interesting summary statement about all the prophets in verse 15 of the chapter. There have been a few other times we have seen this statement in Jeremiah. It is a great way to remember the overall message of the book. Sometimes we get bogged down in details and wondering what certain verses mean and what prophecies have or haven’t happened and all the rest of it. This reminds us of the simple message of Jeremiah, and all of the other prophetic books of the Old Testament.

Now, as for the Rechabites, they become a wonderful example to the people of Israel. They will listen to their earthly father, just like the people of Jerusalem need to listen to their Heavenly Father. And for the Rechabites obedience to their earthly father, God makes a tremendous promise to them.

It’s something worth thinking about.

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